Work Experience

Professional Performing and Teaching Artist with 4 years of experience in cultural arts programming, community organizing, and event planning. 3 years of experience as a language interpreter and language justice advocate for major human rights nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area. Two times grantee of the "Artists in Communities" grants from San Francisco Arts Commission and California Arts Council. Exceedingly motivated and passionate artist with a desire to fight for social and environmental justice. A Bachelor’s of Arts graduate with a degree in Anthropology and Animal Behavior, primary focus on community organizing and performance arts.

Teaching Artist

Performing Arts Workshop                            |   San Francisco, CA 

Teaching artist in Creative Dance                    |   September 2017 - present

Bilingual Birdies                                             |   San Francisco, California

Spanish teacher                                              |   April 2016 - present

Jiridon Drum and Dance                                |   Indiana and California

Teaching artist in African Dance                     |   January 2010 - present

Private Dance Lessons                                   |   San Francisco, CA 

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Creative Dance   |   September 2017 - present

Loco Bloco                                                    |   San Francisco, CA 

Dance Lead Assistant for Carnaval SF 2018   |   March 2018 - May 2018                                        |   Project based contract 

Language Justice

Translation and Interpretation Services

Dolores Street Community Services               |   San Francisco, CA                                                  |   415-282-6209

Faith in Action                                                 |   San Francisco, CA                                     |   650-592-9181

Causa Justa Just Cause                                  |   California                                                   I  415-87-9203

National Alliance for Domestic Workers         |   California

Chinatown Community Development Center  |   California

National Day Laborer Organizing Network    |   California

Community Organizing

Day Labor Program & Women's Collective   |   San Francisco, CA 

Leadership Empowerment Coordinator        |   415-252-5375

Dance Collaborations

Piñata Dance Collective                    |   Contemporary Modern   |   2017-present

Dancing Earth                                   |   Contemporary Modern   |   2016-present

Cherie Hill Irie Dance                       |   Afro-modern and Improv  |   2015-present 

Duniya Dance and Drum Company   |   Traditional African Dance  |   2015-present

Jiridon Drum and Dance                 |  Various projects   |  2011-present

Rosy Simas                                       |  Skins (on) Skins ​ |   2017

African American Dance Company  |  Various projects  |  2015



LUNA DANCE INSTITUTE    |   Summer Institute  I  July 2019


40 hrs Community Interpretation Training  I  June 2019

NEW YORK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS    |   Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program

April 2019

NALAC National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures   |   NFA  Grantee 2018-2019

CALIFORNIA ARTS COUNCIL    |   Artist in Communities Grant 2018-2019

SAN FRANCISCO ARTS COMISSION    |   Artist in Communities Grant 2018-2019

MIDWEST ACADEMY   |   Organizing for Organizers   |   2017


  *  Group facilitation  *  Coaching  *  Holistic healing  *  Organic Nutrition  *  Costume design  *  Jewelry making    * Basic Permaculture Design 


photo: yasin abdel-hamid

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